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Why Buy From Us

At Freeze Thaw, getting you on a properly fitting bike that fits your riding interests is our main goal. We stock a variety of bikes to meet any use or budget and have the experience to help in picking out the perfect ride.

Once a bike is purchased, we offer a few things to sweeten the deal...

1 - A free initial riding period tune-up is included with every bike. Even a thoroughly built bike needs to be checked out after it has been ridden, and we offer this service at no charge. We recommend coming in for this after the first dozen rides, but we'd like to see you sooner than later even if everything seems perfect.

2 -  We are also here to help ensure proper fit on the bike. All test rides receive a floor sizing to determine frame size, saddle position and bar height. Further fit work is included to make more advanced adjustments and swap fit-related components like stems, handlebars and saddles. See Justin for more details - appointments are usually needed for more in-depth fit work.

3 -  Any bike purchase gets you in our system for a series of lifetime discounts on bicycle accessories - these do not expire and help out with some common items you may want to improve your cycling experience. The discounts are below. They are subject to change, but will not disappear. We have customers that have been benefitting from our discount program for over a decade!

10% off

Clothing + Shoes + Helmets + Lights + Locks + Tools + Nutrition


Free Installation

Cargo Racks + Bags,

Fenders (on bikes with appropriate braze-ons, ask for details)

Computers, Saris Trunk Racks