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The Freeze Thaw Cycles in-house service department brings years of experience to the workstand and is staffed to handle any job, big or small. This means we will work on electronic shifting or your 100+ year old family heirloom. We have a mighty fine collection of mechanics and tools and will help keep you safe, comfortable and happy on two wheels.

Our turnaround depends on the season and size of job. In the warmer months we are bombarded with service and turnaround for bigger jobs can be up to one week. Please call, email or stop in to learn about our current work load.

We can do a free estimate any time we're open and let you know where your bike will fit into our schedule. 

We can always take care of flat fixes and very basic repairs on the spot or while you wait.

Larger jobs like tune-ups and wheel builds need to be booked in and appointments are encouraged. We can accomodate same-day service for out-of-town customers with proper planning.

Cooler weather keeps our service turnaround pretty quick - usually a day or less. For storage reasons we ask that bikes are picked up within 3 days of completion unless prior arrangements are made.

Our small parts inventory is the result of years of salvaging, collecting, and attending shop buyouts - we have many hard to find and unique bits to keep your vintage bike rolling. A full supply of Sturmey Archer AW 3 speed hub internal parts are in stock year-round. Common service parts for Campagnolo Ergo shifters of many vintages are also in stock.

As our friend Eric once told a customer, "we are fluent in many defunct wheel sizes" and stock hard-to-find tyres for ye olde Schwinn or Raleigh.

We stand behind and guarantee our expert service 100% and strive to do the most thorough job possible.
Some of the Freeze Thaw Service Department's specialties include:
-custom wheel building

-alternative handlebar conversions (we'll put a Jones H-Bar on just about any bike you can think of)

-custom bicycle assembly

-suspension & disc brake service

-Chris King hub service

-cartridge bearing service/replacement

-internally geared & coaster brake hub service

-Campagnolo Ergo shifter rebuilds

-singlespeed/Fixed Gear conversions

-rack, fender and lighting installation, etc.

Every bike is different, so we prefer to quote and charge most repairs and adjustments at an hourly rate of $75 per hour.

We have a minimum labor charge of $15 for tiny jobs done on the spot.

Your bike must be present in our shop to give it a proper estimate. A FREE, in-the-stand estimate can be given any day - just stop in with your bike. After an extensive check-over and conversation we will talk you through the work that is needed and how long it will take. Planning ahead, we try to quote high and deliver low. We never exceed estimates without permission and the high end of our range prevents extra phone calls if there are complications.
While we don't sell exact "Tune-up" packages, we work within average service ranges depending on the condition of the bicycle. Pricing is for labour only, parts extra. 


< 1 hr.        1 - 2 hrs.        2 - 4+ hrs.

       ($15 - $75)     ($75 - $150)     ($150 - $300+)          

These services commonly include:

-Wheel truing, tensioning, and/or spoke replacement

-Adjustment of brakes and shifting systems

-Adjustment & greasing of bearing surfaces

-Lubrication of cables, housing, pivots, and chain


Some individual jobs have set flat labor rates. These involve specialty tools or known quantities of time and are as follows:

Flat fix or tubeless setup: $15        Wheel build:  $90

Frame & fork facing:  $5 per surface, plus hourly rate

Box-a-Bike for shipment (includes all materials)   $90

We try to give every bike a fair chance and our end goal is to make it safe and rideable.  We reserve the right to refuse any repair work which fails to meet this criteria. This mainly applies to broken or bent frames/forks and blatant safety violations like non-functional brakes, super-loose bearings, excessively cracked tyres and the ever-popular bent/broken axle. An inspection for any safety issue will be done before we attempt even the most basic service.


We have taken a very cautious approach to motorized bicycles and do not stock any Electric bikes.

Special orders for Pedal Assist E-Bikes are done after a thorough consultation and a full, non-refundable deposit is taken. Options from Kona and Norco start at $3,000.

 We will only service E-Bikes that have been sold through our shop. 


-Justin, Chris + Harry