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Recycled Bikes

Our shop got its start building custom bikes from a mix of new and recycled parts. In the very early days our builds were strictly one and three speed bikes and built out of our college apartment. After opening our first store on Fraser Street in the Spring of 2005, we realized that a more diverse offering was in order. We began to include custom bikes of all shapes, sizes and gearing configurations. Over the years we have learned a lot and still love the challenge of custom assembly work. To date, we have assembled hundreds of unique custom recycled bicycles. 

Our biggest adversary for these builds is frame availability. We are currently out of recycled frames and have also found limitations to certain styles of recycled bikes. The more features you want on your bike, whether it be gears or suspension, the harder it is for us to build the bike at a competitive price.

We have replaced our recycled models with carefully selected new bikes (starting at $430 for Singlepeed and $630 for gears), allowing us to offer consistent availability of correctly sized bikes with the features you want.

Trade-ins are still encouraged to help us build our recycled stock - bring your unwanted bike(s) in for a free estimate of trade or cash value.

These days it is more common for us to do service on older bikes supplied to us by customers instead of building recycled bikes up from scratch. We are comfortable servicing bikes of any vintage and have the knowledge and tools to get the job done right.  Check out our service page for more details or stop in with your bike(s) any time for a free estimate.

All essential parts on a recycled bike from Freeze Thaw that tend to wear are always brand new (tires, tubes, brake pads, cables & housing, chains, pedals, grips, and often times wheels). The recycled parts on the bikes are checked for quality and condition and guaranteed by us.