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Our Philosophy

Our shop's roots are found in the world of re-use, and these ideals continue as our shop evolves. We still continue to find new homes for used bicycles and parts.  With this comes the responsibility to sort and recycle a wide variety of cycle-waste. Selling new bicycles has provided us with a whole new set of challenges. We like to think that being a bike shop is 'green', but we try to take it one step further.

The nature of dealing with bicycles in a service setting yields more waste than you can imagine. The common “disposables” such as tyres, tubes and various metals pile up fast as bikes go in and out of our workstands. New bicycles shipped to us also require a large amount of packaging. We are constantly coming up with new ways to deal with these materials.

Here are some things that happen behind the scenes of Freeze Thaw when it comes to cycle-waste:

-all steel and aluminum sorted and taken to scrap yard or used for projects
-worn tyres recycled
-select worn tubes sent to Alchemy Goods
-worn chains sent to Resource Revival
-cardboard boxes and packaging re-used or recycled
-plastic packaging re-used or recycled
-shock oil recycled
-zip ties re-used

Donations of non-working bikes are accepted for scrap any time – Don't throw it in the trash!