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Why are there new bikes at Freeze Thaw?

While Freeze Thaw Cycles started out with exclusively recycled bikes, the shoppe's primary inventory is a large selection of new bikes  from several hand-picked manufacturers.  As the needs of our customers has evolved, so has the inventory of the shoppe. We now can meet the needs of nearly any cyclist - everyone from a year-round commuter to an endurance mountain or Gravel rider will find many excellent options. Our current new bike inventory is shown below:

These days our classic recycled bikes are not available due to increased demand and low supply, but we are able to offer a wide size and model selection of new bikes that we trust. Our Service Department offers FREE Estimates for work on any bike you bring in.

Every new bike model in our shop has been hand picked by us based on a strict criteria - we will only sell bikes that we would put our friends and family on.

You won't find any mountain bikes or hybrids with non-servicable suspension forks, multiple speed freewheel rear wheels with weak axles, unreliable shifting systems, or sketchy adjustable stems & suspension seatposts.  Problems with these items are far too common on service bikes we see throughout the year and are not something we feel comfortable passing on to our customers.

Rest assured that any new bike model you see in our shop represents the best value, quality and features that we could find in that category. Having access to a number of bike manufacturers helps us keep a well-rounded inventory for any style of bike.

We take pride in fitting people to their bikes and will work to make your new bike comfortable and efficient.

Every new bike assembled at Freeze Thaw Cycles is built to the highest standard with expert care. Bikes arrive to us mostly assembled, but we do not simply finish the job and send it out the door. Instead, new bikes from boxes are stripped down to the bare frame and treated with our extensive collection of frame-preparation tools.


 Facing of the headtube, crown race and BB shell as well as BB shell thread chasing are performed on all bikes to ensure maximum performance. Even our children's bikes get this treatment which serves as in-house quality control and helps avoid future issues.This preparation is a costly and labor-intensive process that we feel every frame and fork deserves. This is included with every bike, no extra charge. We are one of few remaining shops in the country putting this effort into our assembly and we are proud of it.

The benefits of this prep work are less future creaks and things coming loose or getting stuck, as well as longer bearing life in the headset and bottom bracket. Because we take everything completely apart for every build, customization is easy! Our customers get the bike they want through a process that is enjoyable and caters to their specific needs. We rest easy knowing the bike is double checked and tested. With our area's wet weather, it is nice to know all surfaces are prepped and greased properly.

We treat each new bike as if it were a custom build and can modify them to your specifications. It is rare that a new bike leaves our shop stock, with modifications ranging from custom fitting to component swaps and handbuilt wheels. If there is something on your mind, let us know and we can try to figure things out. Saddles, tyres, grips and handlebars are just a few items that can be swapped out easily. Our approach takes a little longer, but you end up with a well thought out bike that will suit your needs and make you want to keep riding.

We ride and sell bikes with anything from one to thirty three speeds. While traditional external gears are quite popular, some of our favorite bikes sport internally geared hubs. We are not afraid to embrace old and new technologies. Every rider has different needs and we aim to please anyone who seeks our advice.

Read below to learn about the different brands we carry and why we chose to bring them into our shop.

Steel is real. Surly embraces this mantra to the fullest, making solid super-versatile bikes made to be ridden for a long time. Based out of Bloomington, MN, Surly has a full line of rugged rides made for whatever adventures you can throw at them. Whether you're touring, mountain biking, or ripping through down town, Surly has got you covered. Framesets can be purchased separately and custom built, but Surly also offers many excellent complete bikes. Justin and Jeff rave about their 29+ Krampus - we have M + L Krampus completes in stock and available to Demo, and the appropriate Rockshox Yari fork if you're looking for some extra cush. The Ice Cream Truck is a shoppe-favorite FAT-tyre machine and in stock when available. For classy commuting or mixed-surface touring we also stock the Surly Bridge Club 700c. Hit us up for a custom Surly project as well, we have built many custom Krampus, Karate Monkeys, Midnight Specials, Stragglers, and Cross-Checks.


We have a long and happy history with the Salsa brand. Top notch design and customer service are just some of the reasons that Salsa has a healthy presence in our shop. We sell their framesets, complete bikes and plenty of components. Generally available to order, let us know what adventure you're after and we're happy to recommend the Salsa for you.


We are Central PA's Pivot dealer and are particularly impressed with their attention to detail and superb ride quality. We currently stock three models: Trail 429 (S,M,L + XL), Mach 4 SL (S, L, + XL), and Firebird 29 (L) and all bikes are available for Demo rides (Covid update - our Demo Program is on hiatus). We have plans to stock the NEW Switchblade, when available. Pivot offers many excellent complete builds as well as framesets for the custom build of your dreams.


Freeze Thaw stocks several commuter/hybrid models from this Canadian brand. We have size and color runs of the Indie 2 & 3, and a size run of Indie IGH 8. Norco also makes some really cool and compelling mountain and gravel bikes. The Optic, Sight, Search, and Section models are all very impressive and available to order.


We are Central PA's stocking dealer of fine handcrafted Titanium bicycles from Moots. They offer road, gravel, mountain and FAT frames that can be built any way you like.


These bikes remind us an awful lot of the original commuters we built in the early days. Linus uses simple and classic designs combined with modern materials for practicality and function. Steel frames available in several sizes, styles, colors and gearing options. Most bikes in the shop feature Shimano Nexus 3 speed hubs (7 speed option available), full fenders, and rear racks. Great town & campus bikes that will last for years with minimal maintenance.


Since 1988 Kona has been all about having fun on bikes. In a short time they have become a very dominant brand in our shoppe and the local area. We stock size runs of many bikes in most categories including Mountain, Gravel, Commuter and Kid's. Most Mountain models are available to Demo (Covid update - our Demo Program is currently on hiatus). Kona bikes feature a lifetime warranty and are truly designed and supported by passionate riders.


Jeff Jones has a different idea of mountain bike geometry and the results speak for themselves. Jones has a variety of Long Wheel Base and Short Wheel Base options in both Titanium and Steel.

Jones Bike

Continuing the IF tradition in Central PA, we became a dealer in 2009. Designed and custom built on a special order basis, this company could be your next dream bike whether it be mountain, road, 'cross or touring. Premium steel and Titianium frames are most common, but carbon is also an option. They are hand built in Newmarket, NH with care and many excellent stock and custom paint options are available. A full professional fit is included with any frame purchase.

Independent Fabrication

FIT Bike Co. is the shop's preferred BMX brand. We keep some bikes in stock and are happy to special order anything in their catalog.

FIT Bike Co.

A recent addition to the shoppe, Fairdale provides us with a high quality, simple singlespeed town + campus bike. We stock the Express in two sizes and are happy to special order anything else in their catalog.


We are proud to present this iconic Italian brand to the roads of Central PA. We are huge fans of their timeless lugged steel 'Master' and stock two framesets in 30th Anniversary paint schemes (54 red & 59 black).


Super high quality Kid's bikes available with 12, 16, 20 + 24" wheels in a variety of colors. We currently stock the Gecko (12"), Hedgehog (16") and Owl (20") but are happy to special order anything you want.


Brompton makes exceptionally high quality folding bikes that fold to 2/3 the size of the nearest competitor. This allows you to take your Brompton absolutely everywhere including your travels. Just toss it in the overhead bin and always have a bike at your destination.


Bianchi makes a triumphant return to the shoppe with a focus on road bikes. We can special order anything in their expansive catalog and have Shimano 105 and Tiagra-equipped Impulso bikes on the floor for those in the skinny tyre market.


All City does a good job of combining time-tested ideas with modern materials + fit theory. We sell their framesets, complete bikes, + accessories on a special order basis and are big fans of the Cosmic Stallion, Zig Zag, Spacehorse, Nature Boy, and Mr. Pink.

All City

109 South Allen St State College, PA 16801


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